Wonderful Asian Massage With Free Table Shower

Our Mission

Our main goal is to build strong bonding relationships with our clients and community through luxurious therapeutic massage services in a caring professional spa environment. We provide specialized full body massage treatments that our guests can trust and gain healing benefit out of them. We are also very keen in tailoring the client's massage requests, getting feedback during the massage sessions, and ensuring the client's satisfaction and comfort to increase repeat visits.

Our Vision

We can connect your mind, body and soul through our signature therapies, magic touch, healing movements in a peaceful setting. We are mindful of the overall experience provided to our valuable guests. We only use the natural extracts from herbs and hire some of the leading educated professional therapist for stimulating overall health and wellbeing of our clients. Our vision is to offer expert advice on posture adjustments and pain management using specialized massage techniques for serving you better.

Rainbow Massage Spa – History

The story of our Rainbow Massage spa opened its first spa parlor in the late 2000s. The single minded dedication helped us to be one of the popular massages in the spa industry. Through sheer experience and knowledge we are able to offer some of the wonderful Asian massage with free table shower service in Glendale, AZ. Our combined experience made us grow higher than our competitors. The Rainbow Massage spa combines both efficiency and professionalism to offer some of the best spa treatments with the help of professional therapist at affordable prices.

What Makes Us Unique?

We help you take to a blissful journey that renews and nourishes your whole body system. Our tension-melting massages inspired from ancient Ayurveda knowledge is delivered from head to toe by focusing on your pressure points.

Our Promise

We cultivate a strong therapeutic relationship with our spa guests and offer a rewarding and high standard massage experience. As we realize the incredible benefit and value of incorporating ancient massage services, we decided to serve our communities through signature massage treatment programs. We never forget to maintain professionalism and high level of integrity.

Let Us Purify Your Mind And Soul

Our team of experts at Rainbow Massage spa offer natural healing and restoration to your mind, soul and body via high quality bodywork services and therapeutic massages that meet the individual request of your massage needs. We always strive hard to offer the best possible massage at reasonable prices.

Touch Of Heaven

Relaxation And Peace Of Mind

In a hectic world like ours, it is difficult for us to find inner peace! Wellness starts with great physical and mental vitality. It can be improved by perceiving a proper diet, an inspirational mindset and great living habits. Feeling and looking great can add a confident inner balance for managing in all the areas of your life. Achieving the dynamic condition of wellbeing invites clearness, satisfaction, enhanced confidence and development of better connections, both in personal and professional live.
Taking advantage of your most profound potential begins with taking care of your relaxation time. Welcome to Rainbow Massage Spa, to energize and bolster your ideal way to good health and wellbeing.

Begin the adventure to wellbeing you deserve!